National President Dougan Blasts Mitt Romney’s ‘Bureaucrats Look for Places to Interfere’ Comment

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Contact: Cory Bythrow, Communications Director

Phone: (202) 216-4458


Washington, D.C. – Monday, Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney made the following statement at a campaign event: “During the president’s term so far, he has added 140,000 more government workers,” he continued. “Not only do we have to pay for them, but they have to do something every day. So, they look at things they can do, alright? Places they can interfere.” In response William R. Dougan, National President of the National Federation of Federal Employees, issued the following statement:


“Governor Romney’s recent comments regarding federal workers are very concerning. To hear someone who may soon become the President of the United States express such a profound misunderstanding of the critical role federal workers play in our nation’s well-being is deeply disturbing. The characterization of federal workers sitting idly in Washington looking for people to bother is deeply offensive and completely out of touch with reality.


Federal employees are tasked with maintaining our national defense, caring for our veterans, inspecting our food and medicine, keeping our border safe, and hundreds of other critical missions. These are not bureaucrats riding desks in Washington, these are our neighbors who answered the call of national service. Not only are they working every day to meet our nation’s most pressing needs, they are doing it with fewer resources and personnel than ever before, due to budget constraints.


The next time Governor Romney flies into a city, drives to his campaign stop, and leaves safely, he should thank the air traffic controllers who made his flight smooth, the grant processors who directed the funds to pave that highway, and the 24-hour Secret Service detail that protected his right to speak his mind. And when he does, know that he’s entitled to his own opinions about federal workers, but not his own reality.”


Video of Romney Comment:

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