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NFFE Correctional Employees Ratify Contract and Win Big
On top of a 17.5% wage increase over the life of the contract, employees covered under the contract have won a new paid time off (PTO) system as well as a commitment from GEO Group to seek out vendors for better quality uniforms.   : : MORE

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NFFE Work on Federal Salary Council Leads to Proposed Rule to Help 62,000 Federal Employees
“NFFE is proud to have recommended these changes to the pay areas which helps our members and improves the local economies in which they live and work,” said NFFE National President Randy Erwin.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Jul 11, 2018

Congratulations to the June Organizing Award Winners
We are fighting to protect federal workers from the onslaught of attacks to pay, benefits, jobs, and workplace protections that have been coming fast and furious in recent months. It is only dues-paying members that provide the resources to do so.
News Item  ·  From the Desk of NFFE National President Erwin  ·  Jul 6, 2018

Happy 4th of July!
Independence Day commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. On this day 242 years ago, the Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were free of British rule and will govern themselves.
News Item  ·  From the Desk of NFFE National President Erwin  ·  Jul 3, 2018


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NFFE and 23 Other Unions Call on Special Counsel to Assist Agency Staff in Resisting Illegal Trump Directives
“Having a professional relationship with management is crucial to the success of agencies’ missions,” stated Randy Erwin, NFFE National President. “President Trump’s attack on collective bargaining places this relationship at risk, as labor relations professionals may face consequences for continuing to engage in good faith bargaining,” he said..
Press Release  ·  Jun 22, 2018

NFFE and 12 Other Unions Sue President Trump Over Recently Issued Executive Orders Targeting Federal Employees and Their Unions
Today, the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE), joined 12 other unions in suing President Trump and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in response to three executive orders issued by President Trump on May 25, 2018.
Press Release  ·  Jun 13, 2018