Representatives from Local 178 and Aberdeen Proving Grounds Management in Washington, DC

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NFFE Local 178 Presents Labor-Management Success in DC
Earlier this week, members of NFFE Local 178 were invited to present before the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations in Washington, DC to discuss their successes working with Aberdeen Proving Ground managers. Notable achievements included a new employee wellness program, new communication channels and a telework program that was being finalized by the group.   : : MORE

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Extremists in Congress Float Idea of Another Shutdown
While incoming Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has promised that there will not be another government shutdown under his leadership, it would appear that all the members of his caucus have not received the memo. Incoming Senate Budget Committee Chairman Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) has floated the idea of holding government funding hostage in order to defund any executive order President Obama may issue on immigration reform. Immigration reform is an increasingly partisan debate in Washington, and there is no conceivable reason to link the fight with funding the federal government.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Nov 18, 2014

Federal Employee Due Process Protections At Risk
In a recent string of interviews, McDonald has said that around 2,000 VA employees are being actively monitored for potential disciplinary action. Of that 2,000, McDonald estimates nearly half will receive some form of discipline – likely in the form of suspension or termination. In a scandal that began with a handful of negligent managers, thousands of VA employees are now on heightened watch by the possibility of being unfairly disciplined.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Nov 14, 2014

Worker-Friendly Candidates Face Difficult Election Night
Middle-of-the-road legislation expected of divided Congress can no longer be expected. With Congress in one-party control, there is a very good chance that Congress will take action on numerous bills that are highly partisan in nature. For federal employees, that means the chances are significantly increased that legislation will be moved that includes pension cuts, draconian workforce reductions, and the further squeezing of federal employee pay.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Nov 12, 2014


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National President Dougan: "Today's Request for an Additional $615 Million to Battle Wildfires is Much-needed."
“Today’s request from the White House for an additional $615 million to battle wildfires is much-needed,” Dougan said. "This will also allow for land management agencies to go deeper into fire season without needing to use non-fire funds to pay for fire suppression as has happened too often in recent years. We cannot allow for federal land management agencies to be forced to focus on putting out budget fires at the expense of allowing wildfires to continue to rage across the country.”
Press Release  ·  Jul 8, 2014

National President Dougan: "Workplace Flexibility in the Federal Government Will Help Recruit and Retain Top Talent."
“It is encouraging to see President Obama recognize the importance of work-life balance. This presidential memorandum is a statement to every federal agency that Obama is serious about actually using workplace flexibilities. Because federal workers’ pay lags so far behind the private sector, the federal government needs workplace flexibilities to recruit and retain qualified workers. Some agencies currently embrace workplace flexibilities, but others still do not. We hope this presidential memorandum will change the business-as-usual attitude some agencies still hold about workplace flexibilities,” Dougan said.
Press Release  ·  Jun 25, 2014


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What the Obama Immigration Action Means for Federal Agencies
Some Homeland Security agencies will be getting new employees, while others may pay workers differently.
News Item  ·  Govexec  ·  Nov 21, 2014_  right

Writing the Book on Moneyball Government
A bipartisan group makes the case for evidence-based decision-making.
News Item  ·  Govexec  ·  Nov 21, 2014_  right

House Files Lawsuit Against Administration Over Obamacare
GOP accuses White House of exceeding its authority in implementation of health law, does not include immigration order in suit.
News Item  ·  Govexec  ·  Nov 21, 2014_  right

Americans Rate Two Agencies Worse Than the IRS
A new Gallup poll shows what citizens think about the work of 13 federal agencies.
News Item  ·  Govexec  ·  Nov 21, 2014_  right