Members of the Young Workers Advisory Council welcome Next Up Conference Attendees

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NFFE Joins Young Workers in Chicago
Last month, over a thousand young workers, activists, and community partners gathered in Chicago, IL from to learn more about the Labor Movement, build young worker solidarity, and provide service to the local community. The three day summit was hosted by the AFL-CIO, entitled the Next Up Summit, was coordinated by the Young Worker Advisory Council (YWAC), a coalition of young labor leaders from dozens of unions throughout the country. NFFE’s Amy Burns, a YWAC member and coordinator of the Young Federal Leaders (YFL) initiative, participated in planning and facilitating the Summit and taught workshops throughout the conference.   : : MORE

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NFFE and Allies Defeat Bill to Fire Federal Employees
Last week, a bill aimed at firing federal employees delinquent on his or her taxes failed to pass in the House of Representatives for the second year in a row. "The bill’s defeat comes following an intense effort from NFFE and our allies on Capitol Hill opposing the effort. Members of Congress say they are interested in being more fed friendly, but we cannot take them seriously when bills like the Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act are being brought to a vote on the House floor," said NFFE National President William R. Dougan.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Apr 21, 2015

New Congress, Same Old Attacks
One attack that is recurring in each session of Congress is the attempt to eliminate official time, the mechanism available to federal unions to carry out their legally-mandated duty of fair representation. Official time is used exclusively for agency-related business including collective bargaining negotiations, promoting workplace efficiency by bringing barriers to mission success to the attention of agency leadership and providing a crucial perspective in workplace reform discussions. In short, official time is efficient time.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Apr 10, 2015

Congressman Seeks to Slash Federal Employee Salaries by 8.7 Percent
After a string of anti-federal employee pieces of legislation have been introduced at the start of the 114th Congress, Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) may have established himself as the most anti-federal employee lawmaker on Capitol Hill. Congressman Rice’s recent legislation, the (inappropriately named) Promoting Accountability in Decisions for Progress Act, would cut the salaries for all federal employees making over $100,000 by 8.7 percent.
News Item  ·  National Federation of Federal Employees  ·  Apr 7, 2015


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National President Dougan: "Saddling Defense Workers with this $22.5 million per-year financial burden is a slap in the face."
"Today’s legislation is sorely needed after the Department of Defense unilaterally plowed ahead with implementing a $22.5 million per-year financial burden on the workers who support our military," said Dougan. "We applaud Representatives Kilmer and Jones, as well as our allies on Capitol Hill that support this legislation and who agree that civilian Defense employees have endured enough. Enduring years of pay freezes, pension cuts and furloughs is bad enough, but these cuts to reimbursements are going to have a significant negative impact on employee morale. Saddling Defense workers with this $22.5 million per-year financial burden is a slap in the face."
Press Release  ·  Mar 2, 2015

Statement on the Passing of NFFE Assistant General Counsel Philip Snodgrass
Phil was a young and talented member of the NFFE family, and had an outstanding legal mind. Since starting as a full-time employee years ago, he provided NFFE-IAM members superb service through countless workplace and legal proceedings around the country. We are devastated by the loss of our brother. Our thoughts and prayers are with Phil's family and friends during this difficult time of grieving.
Press Release  ·  Feb 25, 2015


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Can Pope Francis Change Global Minds on Climate Change?
Pope Francis will shape the climate fight, but he may not move any skeptics.
News Item  ·  Govexec  ·  Apr 27, 2015_  right

Rand Paul Reverses Course on Drones
The Kentucky senator defends the White House drone policy he once lambasted in a 13-hour filibuster, dulling any edge he may have had on a GOP pack running on the same national security platform.
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Need a Boost at Work? Think About How You’re Eating
If you’re hoping to kill it at work this week, you may want to take a cue from a Yankees baseball player and a presidential hopeful.
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U.S. Special Forces Will Help With Nepal Earthquake Recovery
Nearly 70 rescue personnel and 45 tons of cargo will be sent to help with earthquake recovery.
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