Federal Employees Day of Action is December 18th - Help Us Stop Washington from Taking Feds Over the Fiscal Cliff

Friday, December 14, 2012

(National Federation of Federal Employees)

Washington politicians are at it again. If they don’t find a way to avoid the “fiscal cliff” by year’s end, federal workers could see devastating cuts to their pay, retirement, health care, and jobs. Congress may have created this problem, but it is up to you to fix it.


On Federal Employee Day of Action – December 18, 2012 – call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and tell Congress “don’t take federal employees over the cliff!” Be sure to call on your own time, using your own phone.


Be on the lookout for more tools to reach elected officials as Federal Employee Day of Action draws nearer. In the meantime, spread the word. Remember, politics is not a spectator sport. The only way to make things change is to change it ourselves.


Do your part and call or write Congress Tuesday!


Roni   12/18/12 1:19 pm
Sick of Politricks
The majority of Federal employees are not GS-12-15s. I find it appalling that we are bearing the burden for our debt. What's more appalling is Congress unwillingness to mandate those who can afford it to contribute more toward deficit reduction. Congress is working for "We the People" and its about time they start acting like it. The people have spoken therefore they need to ensure laws/policies reflect the needs to the people, not Norquist nor financial instituation. Listening to the GOP say "what the American people want..." They could care less what the American people want. And, why are you doing interviews when there is so much work to be done? It bad enough that we are picking up slack for all the position cuts (another example of Fed taking a hit to reduce the deficit). At the rate Congress is going, the middle class will be no more. Then where will they look... maybe they should dip into their own pockets. Yeah, right! We have to let our vote, petitions and demonstations do our talking. Seems that's the only way We the People are heard. Que lastima!

Darren   12/18/12 11:48 am
Enough already!
With mine, and thousands of other DoD employees' pay being frozen for 2 years now, how much more do our elected officals want from us? How about Congress takes a payfreeze for 3 years? We all know it will not happen. They are focused on thier next vacation break! DO NOT TAKE US OVER THE CLIFF! If anyone pays attention, nothing is going down in price but everything is going up....except our pay! Come on congress DO YOUR JOB!

Linda   12/18/12 10:31 am
Don't Take Federal employees over the Cliff
Congress, Please do your job and Don't take federal employees over the Cliff. Federal employees have not had a raise in years. Congress do your job Please.

Jesse Adkins   12/18/12 10:26 am
Tell Congress to do their job!!!
Please do not take us over the cliff. it would be nice if Congress would do their job by representing the people who elected them. They need to come to an agreement on the taxes, spending cuts and fiscal policy before the end of the year. Their pledge should be to the Americam people, not Norquist, who doesn't even hold a seat in Congress. Compromise is NOT a dirty word, it is what our Political System should be built on.

Maria Robinson   12/18/12 10:17 am
Surley, for the sake of the country, congress can come together and compromise. Federal employees have already made a large contribution toward cutting the deficit with the 2 year pay freeze that has now been extended through March 2013. We are seeing cuts and/or hikes in other areas affecting us such as benefits, staffing, etc. Now with the Fiscal Cliff we stand to be bankrupt due to higher taxes and cuts that will rip into pay that is already not keeping pace. We have born more than our share of the burden to provide relief to the country. Please don't bankrupt us and the country by taking us over the Fiscal Cliff.

Cynthia Cook   12/18/12 10:11 am
Don't take federal employees over the cliff
All the men in our family were in the military several retired including my husband, father, brother. I chose to go into the federal government because my husband was transfered so often and I had to start from scratch looking for work everytime we moved. I have worked for several federal agencies and now am on the Southern border working with front line agents. Don't turn your backs on us. Don't take federal employees over the cliff, we can not afford to lose any more...

Beth M.   12/18/12 9:43 am
Don't take Federal employees and retirees over the cliff! As a 30-year Fed. civilian soon to retire, I can't afford any surprises or cuts to annuity, benefits, or increases on costs (taxes, etc.)! Time to get a balanced budget!!!!!! And quit giving our money away!

james stubblefield   12/18/12 9:41 am
VERA buy outouts 30 years or more
if we have to go over the cliff so be it why are the commands not saying anything about the BUYOUTS 2013 best kept Secret in

Janice Hinsley   12/18/12 9:41 am
Please Dont Treat
It's always the small hard workers that are punished. Never the ones that we put into office, believing you at your word, that you are there to help the people of the United States of America.

Instead we watch as money continues to leave this country to help others.

I'm a GS-07 single income, disabled 49 yr. old female. I have over 22 yrs working at my job I love dearly. But we are always asked to do more with less and we do. We have no choice.

When will Washington do the same for it's people you pledged to keep safe and help?


Lenora Brewington   12/18/12 8:57 am
Understanding that the politicians in federal government put our country in the financial fiasco that it's in, I have a hard time understanding why the federal government employees have to be the only ones to contribute to fixing it. What are the politicians doing? Are they contributing to the debt? Don't you think the employees (the majority of whom did not help create the debt) have paid their fair share? What about all of the GS-12 thru GS 15 employees. Why is it they are still receiving "big bonuses," when we lower grade employees are getting nothing?

Edward M.   12/17/12 2:50 pm
The problem with our country is that the people who run it, are RICH/WEALTHY! They can't put themselves in our shoes. Those of us who struggle to make it with a dollar to spare (if we are lucky). They get paid regardless if a decision is made or not. Too bad we can't fine them all for actually being derelict in duty!

Jim Steffen   12/17/12 1:55 pm
Hire More Federal Employees and Spend More at Home.
Spend Tax Dollars at home. Earned dollars at home are taxed and raise revenue for the Federal Treasury. One taxed dollar can turn over more than seven times in an area before it leaves the country. Each turn over generates its share of federal revenue through its income tax. Therefore, continue to hire more and more Federal Employees so that they will spend their income in this country. The demand created by this will stimulate small and large businesses to provide more goods and services, increasing the flow of dollars and demand for more production. This keeps on growing. Target spending strategies on employment in the United States. The Federal Government is the most promissing spark to keep doing this. Private enterprise will react to the demand. It is their nature.

Jaime Zolman   12/17/12 1:27 pm
Over the Cliff
Please don't cut off our pay. I will be going back to GS-4 in January or February. My little girl, my husband, and I have disabilities. I can't afford without the pay. I am the only one who has to pay the bills and support 4 of us in the family. Please don't cut off our pay, health insurance, retirement, and benefits.

Pam   12/17/12 12:24 pm
Please do not cut Federal retirement pension and health benefits. I have severe disablities and can't afford to live without them.

Lori Zaremba   12/17/12 11:08 am
Mercy already!!
After several years of having my take-home pay decline every January (how do YOU define "freeze"?!) I am on the brink. I am a GS-7 single income / parent household. One more hit on my paycheck and I will lose our house. I can't be alone... the ripples of these decisions are going to be a huge impact if this is enacted! Please don't do this to us, I have been a loyal employee for 28 years.

Jackie Ringulet   12/17/12 10:41 am
Over the Cliff
Please don't hurt our pay, retirement or health care. I'm only a GS5 and I really can't afford any cuts of any kind.

Jackie Ringulet

Kenneth Henson   12/17/12 9:58 am
Her e we go again!
How many continuing resolution do we have to endure?

How many years without a pay raise do we have to endure?

Those of us who chose to serve the public deserve better than to be battered around by inept congressmen who do not have enough good sense to stop running for reelection and RUN THIS COUNTRY! That is what what they were elected to do not kowtow to Grover Norquist and his PLEDGE.

Uncertainty and indecision are killing the economy and it's slow recovery.

The American people have only to look past the Christmas Tree at the foot of the Hill to see where the problem lies. "congress". Fear of Grover Norquist seems to be greater than the fear of plunging our economy into the dark ages.

Marsha Schiller   12/17/12 8:24 am
Don't take Federal employees over the cliff. Please fix the budget without hurting our pay, retirement, health care, and jobs!!!

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