NFFE Family Members Matthew Kopp and Autumn Liles Awarded 2018 Richard N. Brown Memorial Scholarship

Friday, July 27, 2018

(National Federation of Federal Employees)

Pictured:  NFFE family member Autumn Liles (right), with her fianc
é Jon.

Continuing with our mission of improving the lives of federal employees across America, NFFE is proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Richard N. Brown Memorial Scholarship. This award is made possible thanks to the help of the Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund (FEEA), a non-profit organization founded to provide financial assistance to federal employees and their families.

This year’s winners are Matthew Kopp, son of Roland Kopp (FL476) and Autumn Liles from Mena, Arkansas.

Autumn is planning on attending Southern Nazarene University this fall. She will be majoring pre-med in biochemistry. Her father, Joe Liles, is a Federal Law Enforcement Agent for the Ouachita National Forest, and a member of NFFE local 5300. In our interview with Autumn, she said, “I’m incredibly thankful for the support from NFFE to help me attend college. This scholarship puts me one step closer to fulfilling my dream of receiving a post-secondary education.”

“First and foremost, we want to thank FEEA for working with us and making this scholarship a reality,” stated NFFE National Secretary-Treasurer Dave Stamey. “At NFFE, we are honored to represent thousands of valued members who work for America every single day. It feels good to be able to give back to them by helping the next generation of hard-working Americans get the education they deserve.”
Looking to get in on the scholarship action? NFFE has you covered. Check out this link for more information on the Richard N. Brown Memorial Scholarship, as well as others from our partners at FEEA, IAM, and Union plus. For those interested in donating to working federal families, FEEA has set up a funding page.

On behalf of all of us here at NFFE, we wish you both a happy and productive upcoming school year.


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