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This section provides guidance on the challenges of negotiating in the federal sector. In addition, samples of Collective Bargaining Agreements are housed in the Term Agreement Section. Samples of MOUs are housed in the Mid-Term bargaining section.


Topics Covered Include: Term Bargaining, Mid-Term Bargaining, Impasse, Ground Rules, Surveys, and Negotiability Appeals.


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This section provides information on the various ways the Union can enforce laws, regulations and Collective Bargaining Agreements.


This includes filing grievances under the negotiated grievance procedure contained in your CBA on both discipline and contract matters. In addition, there are materials on handling matters in other statutory dispute resolution procedures such as MSPB and EEOC.


Topics Covered Include: Arbitrations, ULP's, Grievances, MSPB, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Workers Compensation.


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This section provides information and samples on how to request information for various purposes from Agencies under the labor statute.


Information Requests are a valuable tool for union officers and stewards in the representing the interests of the Union and employees.


Topics Covered Include: Writing a Standard Information Request, Model Requests, Best Practices


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This section provides information on handling investigatory meetings where employees have the right to request union representation. 


Additionally, there is information on when the Union has the right to participate in formal discussions between management and bargaining unit employees.


Topics Covered Include: Weingarten Rights, Representing Employees in a Disciplinary Setting, Rights of Participation.


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This section provides information on the process the FLRA uses to decide on the scope of the bargaining unit and what union represents the unit.


The section contains the paperwork, such as petitions, that are used in the election and clarification process.


Topics Covered Include: Balloting Procedures, Unit Clarification Proceedings, Election Agreements/Petitions


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This section will train you on what forms and strategies to use, how to use them, when to use them, and in what forums are available to you to do so.

Covering individual aspects of the representational spectrum, these trainings go more in depth than the previous sections to give you a complete picture.

Topics Covered Includes: Discipline and Discharge, Collective Bargaining, Formal Discussion, Grievances and Arbitration, Information Requests, and more.

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In the Union business, some complaints will inevitably arise more often than others. For many of these, you will not always have a computer at the ready. This handy, printable guide will be a big help.


The guide includes chapters on each of those common complaints, in addition to samples and models for addressing them. Many of the concepts covered here are covered above - this guidebook is just another resource to give you a leg up.


Topics Covered Include: Unfair Labor Practices, Statutory Appeals, Grievance Procedure, Health and Safety Problems, Choosing a Route to Remedy Problems, and Solving Negotiation Problems.


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