NFFE in the News

NFFE's most recent media activity in publications that matter most to federal employees.

Stars and Stripes 2/13/2018

·     Federal Unions March on VA Headquarters to protest staffing shortages

Washington Post 2/12/2018

·     Feds Escape shutdown on Friday only to face perils of budget on Monday

The Washington Post 2/9/2018

·     Union vows to fight Trump's pay-for-performance plan for federal employees

The Morning Sun 2/8/2018

·     Federal Pay may take hit in 2019 budget

The Hill 2/1/2018

·     Federal Workers on edge over Trump call for firing power

Big Island Now 1/12/2018

·     Legislation introduced to give federal workers a raise

The Washington Post 1/5/2018

·     If 2017 posed problems for feds, 2018 could be worse with attacks on pay, benefits

The Washington Post 12/17/2017

·     Trump labor adviser's plan for cutting federal compensation, potentially even paid holidays

FederalNews Radio 12/14/2017

·     In light of the president's executive order, agencies told to revamp labor management strategies

The Southern 12/2/2017

·     Golconda Job Corps employees stand ready to 'open up tomorrow', union representative says

The Daily Telescope 11/22/2017

·     Groups Call VA BRAC Bill 'A Grave Threat to the Survival' of the VA

HuffPost 10/24/2017

·     Crowdfunding Platform Lets Bay Area Residents Send Care Baskets Directly To Northern California Wildfire Victims

Newsweek 10/17/2017

·     Who is Jeff Tien Han Pon, Trump's Swamp Drainer in Chief

Federal News Radio 10/9/2017

·     The Interior Department is closing some of its Civilian Conservation Centers