The Civilian Conservation Centers (CCC) are a federally-funded vocational program that provides job training and placement to America’s higher-risk youth in rural communities. In 1964, the CCC's partnered with Job Corps, a program administered by the Department of Labor (DOL). Currently, the U.S. Forest Service (under the Department of Agriculture (USDA)) operates all 25 CCC centers, primarily focusing on training participants for forestry and conservation-related careers.

URGENT: Centennial CCC in Nampa, Idaho is scheduled to close in September!

Help spread the word that we will not allow a top-tier, model CCC to close without a fight!  This is not about funding, performance, safety or any other measure of success.  Centennial is one of the best!  This is about greed and the desire to develop the land on which Centennial sits.

Download the Centennial Fact Sheet HERE and call the numbers at the bottom to the Idaho governor's office and members of the Idaho congressional delegation to stop the closure!

See the NFFE June 27, 2019 press release here.

UPDATE: Thanks to your actions, on June 19th, the Administration withdrew its proposal to close all 25 CCCs by September, citing that it will reevaluate future actions.  Congratulations!  Your hard work getting Congress to take a strong stand against the closures has paid off.  The fight continues as individual center closures are expected.

On Friday, May 24, 2019, USDA and DOL announced that by the end of September 2019, nine centers will close and management of the remaining 16 sites 'may' be transferred to contract operators or other partners. The U.S. Forest Service was not consulted on nor did it provide input into the DOL/USDA decision to close the centers.  As a result, by September 2019:

  • 1,100 people who staff the CCC's from rural and small communities will lose their jobs, unnecessarily, and with very little warning.
  • Rural communities will suffer, heavily impacted by the loss of jobs, revenue loss, and the cessation of rural community improvement projects.
  • More than 4,000 young adults annually will lose the opportunity to participate in the Forest Service CCC program, and current CCC students will experience interruptions or relocations in their training or will not finish.
  • The American taxpayer will pay more and at a higher rate to hire additional personnel for surge capabilities for response to fires and natural disasters currently supported by CCC students.
  • An immensely successful 55-year-old program that provides real-world opportunities (e.g. firefighting, trail maintenance crews, etc.) for at-risk youth to learn critical job and teamwork skills is lost forever.
We need your support now to stop the closures of the CCC's.  These centers provide a pathway out of poverty to gainful employment for thousands of young people.  The centers also train and deploy students who work as first responders to natural disasters and serve as forest firefighters during fire season.

The CCC's Need Your Help Today!

  1. Support legislation to immediately stop the CCC closures.
  2. Sign on to a bipartisan letter circulating in the House (Rep. DeFazio (D-OR) and Rep. Newhouse (R-WA)) and Senate (Sen. Merkley).
  3. Challenge the unilateral decision by USDA and DOL to close the centers without any credible evidence backing this decision, and in doing so, usurp rightful input from Congress and other stakeholders.
  4. Visit your local CCC center in your state.
  5. Sign the online petition (see link below).
  6. File comments against the closure in the Federal Register (see below).

  1. Contact your senators and representatives to ask them to stop the closures, and refer them to the website for more information.
  2. Contact state and local officials to request that they reach out to Congress to support the effort to stop the closures.
  3. Sign the online petition (see below).
  4. File comments against the closures in the Federal Register (see link below).
  5. Send a letter to Congress (see below)

Important Links

Download this information and more for emails, meetings, etc. 

Download a CCC fact sheet from the U.S. Forest Service

Download the 2018 NFFE Special Report

To file comments in the Federal Register (comments close on June 30, 2019)

To send a letter to Congress

To sign the online petition (if you prefer to sign on through the NFFE portal)

To sign the online petition
(if you prefer to sign on through The Corps Network portal)

To call your member of Congress (phone script)