OPM Director John Berry Meets with NFFE Leadership

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Contact: Randy Erwin, NFFE Legislative Director
Phone: (202) 257-0948


Washington, D.C. – This morning, newly-confirmed Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Director John Berry met with NFFE National President Richard N. Brown and National Secretary-Treasurer Bill Dougan at NFFE’s Headquarters in Washington, D.C.


In the meeting, Brown and Dougan engaged Berry on the membership’s highest priorities, discussing issues such as labor-management partnerships, competitive sourcing, federal retirement, classification issues, the federal hiring process, and the public-private pay gap, among others.


“This was a very productive first meeting,” said Brown. “Director Berry showed a sincerely genuine interest in our issues, and I have the fullest confidence that he will be a staunch advocate of the federal employee as Director of OPM.”


In light of the strained labor-management relations of the past eight years, Berry’s confirmation is certainly a welcome change for federal employees. Throughout the meeting Berry stressed the importance of ongoing communication between OPM and NFFE, as the agency and the union work together to address key issues facing the federal workforce.


“Our meeting was truly a breath of fresh air,” said Brown. “He is one-hundred percent committed to enhancing the work environment for federal employees. We congratulate him on his confirmation and look forward to working constructively with him and his staff in the coming years.”

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