Dougan Praises Decision Striking Down DOMA; Urges Swift Implementation for Federal Employees

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Contact: Cory Bythrow, Communications Director

Phone: (202) 255-9950


In response to the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act this morning, William R. Dougan, National President of the National Federation of Federal Employees, a national union representing 110,000 federal workers throughout the U.S., issued the following statement:

“We are thrilled at the decision to strike down the harmful Defense of Marriage Act. There is no longer any reason to exclude federal workers and their loved ones from receiving equal benefits for equal work. This issue is fundamentally about fairness, and it is long past due that our LGBT brothers and sisters got their fair shake. We urge the Office of Personnel Management to move swiftly in implementing the new policy and delivering these well-deserved benefits.”


Established in 1917, the National Federation of Federal Employees is the oldest union representing civil service federal employees.  NFFE represents approximately 110,000 federal employees in 35 separate departments and agencies government-wide. NFFE is affiliated with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO. For more information, go to


NFFE Webmaster   06/27/13 2:35 pm
@Ray Leblanc RE: Reitrement and Survivor Benefits
Thanks for your question Ray. You can find answers to all of your questions in this handy guide on the DOMA decision's impact on federal benefits:

We hope this helps!

Ray LeBlanc   06/27/13 2:12 pm
Retirement , survivor benefits
I am a retired DoD employee and collect CSRS pension since 2005. My partner and I have lived together since 2002, first in Maryland (2002-2004), then in Pennsylvania. PA does not recognize same-sax unions and we are not "married" in any other state. In light of the Supreme Court's ruling, would my partner be eligible for survivor benefits? Would it matter if we moved to DE or MD and get married? Would being married in DE or MD matter if we continue to live in PA? How will other benefits, such as health insurance, be affected if we marry in DE or MD but continue to live in PA. Would we have to move?

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