President Dougan Blasts GOP Plan to Delay Sequester by Slashing Federal Workforce

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Contact: Cory Bythrow, Communications Director

Phone: (202) 255-9950


Washington, D.C. – In response to Republican House and Senate Armed Services Committee members’ proposal to delay the sequester by reducing the federal workforce by 10% through attrition, National Federation of Federal Employees National President William R. Dougan issued the following statement:


“Slashing the workforce to generate a year’s worth of savings is like cutting off your arm to lose weight for the prom. It makes no sense to permanently diminish the government’s ability to serve the American people in order to finance kicking the can down the road for another year.


The American people aren’t asking for a 10% reduction in our ability to protect our food supply, extinguish wildfires, and defend our borders. When Congress talks about cutting 10% of the federal workforce, they are talking about making it more difficult for agencies to complete their missions – missions that are vital to our way of life.


The result of these non-strategic, broad-brushed workforce cuts is fewer people doing more work with less resources. Instead of taking the easy way out, Republicans in Congress need to quit the gimmickry and work with Democrats on proposing serious sequestration solutions that prevent unsustainable cuts to the services Americans hold dear.”


Melvin   02/11/13 4:51 am
About Slashing Federal workforce and what I think.
The American people really need to get involved in what Congress is trying to do in order to save face, as I call it. They've put cuts on everyone in the Federal government except for themselves. About 75 to 90% of them shouldn't even be getting paid, because they don't need the money. And health care should be optional for them. Where's the public service at for them to do there job, and to look out for those in the USA who need help. And to do a job for 2 terms or more and get a lifetime salary and health benefits is ridiculous. If anything needs to be changed it's definitely that ludicrous option that they have, along with allowing them to only do 20 years tops and forcing them to retire, with no affiliation to the government in anyway, fashion, or form once their time is done.

Karen   02/09/13 10:54 pm
Stop the madness!
This is pathetic! I have been forced to cut spending in my household to compenssate for my decrease in pay, and no cost of living increases for over two years! This is causing my family to suffer, too!

Paul Meyers   02/09/13 2:18 pm
Why don't we just cut THEIR salaries and retirement in half. Just saying

Allen Johnson   02/08/13 3:51 pm
Going Backwards
In over 25 years of Federal Service I have never seen such an attack on hard working folks who provide critical services to the American public. Between the pay freezes and social security inrease working for the Government while a rewarding job is becoming unaffordable. If this continues I will retire and take my high technology expertise into the private sector. I can't afford it much longer. Maybe Humpty Dumpty needs to go ahead and fall off the wall before we can put it back together.

Debbie   02/08/13 1:50 pm
Republicans get your act together and support your fellow Federal workforce!
Sure, this makes me very nervous about my salary and potential pay cuts or forced unpaid days off. We've already gone without a cost of living raise for longer than we should. Also, with the recent increase to social security withholdings, my pay check dropped significantly (over $50/pay check), as if I'd gotten a pay cut already. That's around $1,300 for the year! I've been trying to build a savings and now I'm forced to cut my bi-weekly saving deposit to compensate for this drop in pay. I can�t afford this and keep up as the cost of living continually increases. Something has to be done to stop the bleeding!

Jim Davis   02/08/13 12:32 pm
Give 'em hell, Bill.

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