Federal Union President Issues Statement on BLS Report Finding Federal Pay 26.3% Lower than Private Sector

Friday, November 4, 2011

Washington, D.C. – William R. Dougan, National President the National Federation of Federal Employees, a national union representing 110,000 federal employees in 40 separate departments and agencies government-wide, issued the following statement regarding the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ finding that the gap between federal and private sector pay has increased to 26.3%:


“It comes as no surprise that the Bureau of Labor Statistics found such a substantial disparity between federal and private sector pay. Federal employees have known for years that lower pay was one of the many sacrifices they made by choosing to serve their country. This may however come as a surprise to those in Congress calling for draconian cuts to federal pay and benefits as a means to ‘bring federal compensation more in line with the private sector.’ The reality is that bringing federal compensation practices in line with the private sector would require a hefty pay increase for federal workers. Federal employees do their part to keep the federal budget down every day when they accept substantially less compensation to do the same work as their counterparts in the private sector. This pay gap figure is just the latest illustration of how federal employees continue to sacrifice to keep our country’s fiscal house in order.”


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J Dixon   11/07/11 11:44 am
Why Cut Worker's Pay When Entitlements Cost Taxpayers So Much
Cutting Federal employees pay is a drop in the bucket and unwarranted because they work for their salaries. The entitlements are unsustainable and are abnkrupting the USA's taxpayers - CUT ENTITLEMENTS LIKE HOUSING, FREE FOOD (EBTs/FOOD STAMPS), MEDICAID, FREE CELL PHONES AND SO ON. This will turn the budget around quickly! If you must give entitlements, then at least make the receipients work for it - clean up the country roads and infrastructure at a minimum. I don't get free anything.

J Rodriguez   11/07/11 10:51 am
Pay Parity with Private sector
It is amazing how some of these "Think Tanks" actually think , if they think at all and it is no secret that the folks in congress as on congresmman stated in a recent interview, "you don't have to be a rocket scientist to be in Congress". Having been in Federal service for 32 years and sacrificing finances , family and other benefits for the security of our country I beleive it is crazy that the American people have not come to their senses and figured out that the polititians they elect are only there to look out for there own hides. While the average american sacrifices they waste on lavish offices staffs and trips and are bought and sold like cheap commodities by lobbist that have their hand up their ... like puppets. I have yet to see a polititian that has come into congress NOT leave the congress with a much heathier net worth when they leave , which is usually eithter under less than proper decrum or dead cause they are so old they can't really be of any true help. The american citizen needs to wake up and realize that the guys that they have elected don't particularly have their best interest in mind first. This country is in dire need of real Leadership, what we have in DC right now is a market place for corporations to buy and sell influence something the average Joe has none of because his payroll isn't big enough to buy puppet.

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