Introducing NFFE Assistant General Counsel Renee Mantone Catalano

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

(National Federation of Federal Employees)

NFFE’s legal department became stronger and more robust in August of 2015 when it welcomed Assistant General Counsel Renee Mantone Catalano.

Catalano came to NFFE as a graduate of the University of Maryland where she obtained her Juris Doctorate and Rutgers University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies and Employment Relations.

Before joining NFFE, Catalano utilized her legal training and labor studies background in the Labor Relations Department of the MTA Metro-North Railroad in New York City before coming to Washington, D.C. where she served in the Service International Union’s (SEIU) Legal Department.

As NFFE’s Assistant General Counsel, Catalano spends the majority of her time working with local lodges throughout the country to represent our members at arbitrations. With an impressive record of arbitration wins, locals appreciate working with Catalano who meticulously prepares her cases and passionately advocates on behalf of our members.

“Arbitrations are stressful and can be scary for our members who have a lot riding on their cases. I appreciate the opportunity to support them in these times and fight on their behalf to protect federal employees’ rights,” Catalano remarked.

Catalano was born and raised in what she refers to as “the great state of New Jersey.” She resides in Virginia with her husband Joe who she married in October of 2016.

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