The labor movement has a long and proud tradition of community service. Well before we won a seat at the negotiation table, unions made it a priority to care for their sick and wounded, provide for the families of injured workers, and establish vibrant communities. Each day unionists continue to express these sentiments of solidarity, not only in the workplace, but in their communities by donating their time and resources to strengthen their neighborhoods, cities, and states. Although unions, and federal employees in particular, remain the unfair target of political attacks in the media, we have the opportunity to reclaim our reputations by illustrating the true essence of the labor movement by serving our communities.

Identify a Service Opportunity

Gather Volunteers or Start a Service Committee

Publicize Your Event

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American Red Cross Dontation Centers

Corporation for National &
Community Service

AFL-CIO State-by-State
Service Contacts

United We Serve

Salvation Army Donation Centers

There are few better shows of solidarity than gathering your union brothers and sisters for a day of serving your community. One such example is the formation of a local service committee to seek out and plan service opportunities for the local. Take a look at the link below to learn more.

How to Start Service Committee at Your Local

With hundreds of conservative pundits and politicians bashing federal workers every day, federal employees need to show their true value to public now more than ever. Publicizing your local's community service events in your workplace newsletter, local paper, or regional tv news are great ways to do just that. Here are some templates to help you inform the media about your service events:

Media Advisory SampleNews Release Sample

We want to hear about your local community service activities. From time to time NFFE will include stories about these events on the national website and in the national newsletter. You deserve to be in the spotlight for the great work that you do!

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