The National Executive Council is proud to announce that the
50th NFFE National Convention will be held in Orlando, Florida


Booking Information


September 26 - 29, 2016
Convention Agenda -TBA

Call (407) 827-2727

Ask for NFFE Block Rate
(available Sept. 23 - 30)

$115 -- Single & Double
Occupancy Rooms**

Orlando, Florida
Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Resort
1900 Buena Vista Dr.
Orlando, FL 32830

**Guarantee and Cancellation Policy

This reservation requires a credit card deposit of $129.38 USD for 1 night which will be charged to your card If you wish to cancel, please do so 3 days prior to arrival to avoid cancellation penalties. 

If you use a debit/credit card to check in, a hold may be placed on your card account for the full anticipated amount to be owed to the hotel, including estimated incidentals, through your date of check-out and such hold may not be released for 72 hours from the date of check-out or longer at the discretion of your card issuer.


NFFE’s 50th National Convention will be held at the Buena Vista Palace Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida commencing at 9:30 AM, Monday September 26, 2016.  The scheduled adjournment will be COB Thursday, September 29, 2016 or as otherwise determined by the Delegates in attendance.


The NFFE National Convention is an excellent opportunity for delegates from every one of NFFE’s nearly 175 Locals to come together and conduct the business of our union. Convention participants elect our national officers, make changes to the union’s bylaws, and participate in discussions with some of the leading voices in labor and government.


Convention is rapidly approaching, so locals are encouraged to start thinking about how many delegates you would like to send, and making the appropriate financial arrangements.

If your Local has elected an alternate delegate, the alternate delegate’s name should be listed on the credential form on the blank line on the credential form that is immediately below that of the address lines for the delegate. The alternate delegate will only be seated as a delegate if the delegate listed on the upper portion of the credential form does not register or participate in the Convention.

Registration will open on Sunday, September 25, 2016 from 1 P.M. to 7 P.M.  Registration will reopen at 7 A.M. Monday, September 26, 2016 and close at 9:15 AM.  Registration will be $75 per delegate in attendance.  Guest fees will be $50 for guests age 12 and above attending convention events.  Checks/Money Orders are to be made payable to National Federation of Federal Employees FD-1.



2016 Convention Call

National Election Rules

Guide for the Election of Delegates

Amendment Form

Resolution Form


Among other important duties, delegates to the Convention will elect officers to NFFE’s National Executive Council (NEC) to serve four-year terms.

The NEC is comprised of the National President, National Secretary-Treasurer, and seven at-large National Vice Presidents. Linked below is a list of all candidates who have accepted pre-convention nominations. Further candidates for any of the above offices may be nominated from the floor of the convention. 

Candidates for NFFE National Office


Proposed Amendments*

                What are Amendments and Resolutions?

Amendments propose changes to the Bylaws and are specifically addressed in Article XV of the National Bylaws. Resolutions do not change the national bylaws. Instead, resolutions set policy or direct NFFE to act in ways not otherwise covered by the bylaws.

Both amendments and resolutions will be voted on by 
delegates to the 50th NFFE National Convention in Orlando, FL.


Click Here to Read the NFFE National Bylaws 

Proposed Resolutions

Convention Documents*

National Reports:
NFFE National President Report to Delegates
NFFE National Secretary-Treasurer Report to Delegates

1. NFFE FD-1 Audit, Q3/Q4 2015

2. NFFE FD-1 Audit, Q1/Q2 2016

NFFE General Counsel Report to Delegates
NFFE Military Veterans Committee Report to Delegates

*To access these documents, you must be logged in as a NFFE member. These documents will be made available to convention delegates on portable thumb drives upon arrival.