With the government shutdown now lasting over a month, NFFE National has received many inquiries from our members regarding available resources. While we continue to urge Congress to end this shutdown, we understand the stress that furloughed employees are facing with no paychecks in sight. We have been working to locate resources to assist those members affected by this shutdown. While resources may vary by locality, please see below for various resources available for our members in need.

  • Continuation of BCBS FEP Coverage: No policies will be cancelled during the shutdown.All processes will return to normal once the government has reopened. If you need to make changes to your policy due to a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) please attempt to utilize the normal process through your payroll office. If that is unavailable to you then please first review changes you can make under a QLE. Then download and complete the SF 2809 form. Finally, fax your completed form to 202-942-1010. If you have any questions or need any assistance in this process, please contact the telephone number on the back of your identification card and indicate you have a QLE and need assistance completing a SF 2809.