At NFFE, we believe that organizing is the lifeblood of our organization. And with that we are working diligently to create and provide materials that best represent NFFE and the benefits to membership. Below you can find a number of DOWNLOADABLE materials that you can print and post on your approved union bulletin boards at your location.

Coming in 2020, the National Office will be rolling out a number of new flyer designs, for download and printing right from your desk-- as well as a new ordering mechanism for promotional materials to be used at organizing events and New Employee Orientations (NEOs). All print materials are customizable to reflect the issues and images that matter to your Local, with proper approval.
To find out more about ordering promotional materials for organizing, contact NFFE at
(202) 216-4420, or by email @ newmember@nffe.orgPlease specify your name, Local Union number, phone, mailing address, and amount of materials. Note that large orders may take upwards of two weeks, as heavy shipments will be sent via ground.

NFFE Eagle Sign 

 Website Promo Sign

Generic NFFE Sign

Pay Freeze Sign

Pay Cut Flyer

Union at Work Flyer

Generic Organizing Flyer

USFS Generic Flyer














Pay Freeze Flyer

Budget Axe Flyer