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The Department of Labor released language in the Federal Register on 08/27/14 to begin the process of closing the Treasure Lake Civilian Conservation Job Corps Center located in Indiahoma, OK.  The Treasure Lake Center provides disadvantaged youth between the ages of 16 - 24 an opportunity to obtain their high school diploma and gain occupational skills in a number of vocational trades.  The Center needs appropriate guidance and funding in order to be successful and unfortunately both the Department of Labor and the National Office of Job Corps, Forest Service has not given either means of successful and/or intense support.  We are asking all concerned individuals, businesses, clubs, or organizations to help in getting the word to the Department of Labor that we cannot afford to allow the Treasure Lake Center to close.

It isn't that the Center has not been successful at finding students work after they depart from Center, Treasure Lake was #1 out of approximately 125 Job Corps Center at 12 month job placement this last Program Year!!!  We are able to complete our "end result" of getting our student's jobs, we just need assistance in ensuring we are getting credit for all the other things that the staff and students are doing at the Center. 

The Chief's Desk: People, Places and Things - September 19, 2014 doesn't even mention the closure of the Treasure Lake Center but does mention the celebration help by top officials this past week in Washington, D.C. celebrating the Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center's 50th year anniversary.  We are very proud of our heritage and longevity; however, we cannot see celebrating for a program when a Center is in such need of assistance. 

Unfortunately, the Treasure Lake Center's closure will not only impact the Indiahoma community, but will impact many of its surrounding communities.  The already economically depressed communities cannot rely on the $5 million plus that is expended Center via its employees, students, and the local vendors from which it purchases goods and services.



This is the link to the Federal Register where is specifically speaks about the Methodology for Selecting Job Corps Centers for Closure so please make yourself familiar with what the Department of Labor's proposal is close Centers.

We have attached the NFFE-FSC Response to the comments on Job Corps Center closures to the Federal Register/Department of Labor.


Please take time to look at the "Job Corps closes the door on new recruits" that was in the Washington Post on 02/16/13:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/job-corps-closes-the-door-on-new-recruits/2013/02/16/9ff4e118-712b-11e2-8b8d-e0b59a1b8e2a_story.html


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Defense Furlough Notices Delayed Two Weeks; Fewer Furlough Days a Possibility
Thursday, the Department of Defense (DoD) announced that it would be delaying the issuance of furlough notices to hundreds of thousands of civilian employees in response to questions over funding shifts in the latest continuing resolution. Passed by the Senate and confirmed by the House late this week, the continuing resolution shifts funds among certain department accounts that could possibly alleviate some of the 22 planned furlough days. There is no indication yet that this is the case, but the Department felt it was necessary to perform this due diligence before sending anyone home from work. Notices are now expected to be issued on April 5th, meaning furloughs will likely begin no later than May 6th.
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National President Dougan: "Today's Request for an Additional $615 Million to Battle Wildfires is Much-needed."
“Today’s request from the White House for an additional $615 million to battle wildfires is much-needed,” Dougan said. "This will also allow for land management agencies to go deeper into fire season without needing to use non-fire funds to pay for fire suppression as has happened too often in recent years. We cannot allow for federal land management agencies to be forced to focus on putting out budget fires at the expense of allowing wildfires to continue to rage across the country.”
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National President Dougan: "Funding for Wildfire Suppression is a Problem."
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